At the Airport

After arriving at the airport, please remember your luggage and hand luggage when getting off the transfer bus or taxi.

You will find the number of the check-in desk for your flight on the monitors in the departure hall. Keep your ticket and passport handy, preferably in your hand luggage.

At the check-in counter, you will receive your boarding pass upon presentation of your identity card or passport. Your luggage will be weighed and provided with a luggage tag.

The departure gates are located on the upper floor of the departure hall. Proceed through security to the gate named on your boarding pass.

Duty-free items will be placed in a sealed bag at the checkout and please do not open it before leaving your destination airport. Items purchased at the airport may only be taken on board in this packaging and must be accompanied by a proof of purchase from the same day.

Please note the regulations of the respective airline regarding baggage transport. Airlines charge for excess baggage at the airport. According to international regulations, lace items and liquids may not be stowed in hand luggage. See also the page “Hand luggage”.

If you have any questions about your departure, please contact your tour guide.