Customs Information for Entry to Switzerland

Import of goods by private individuals
In general, an exemption limit of sFr. 300 applies to goods for private use that are imported personally in tourist traffic. If the total value of the goods brought in exceeds sFr. 300, all goods are subject to duty. Duty-free allowances and limits are only granted once per person and day.

The following duty-free allowances apply:

Alcoholic beverages
Persons over 17 years of age may import once per day duty-free 5 litres of alcoholic beverages up to 18% vol. and 1 litre over 18% vol.
In addition, the following customs duties apply:
Alcoholic beverages up to 18% vol.: sFr. 2.- per litre
Alcoholic beverages over 18% vol.: sFr. 15.- per litre
In addition, value added tax of 8% of the value of the goods is due.

Tobacco products
Persons aged 17 and over may import the following quantities duty-free once a day:
250 cigarettes or cigars or 250 g of other tobacco products.

In addition, the following duties apply:
Cigarettes/cigars sFr. 0.25 per piece
other tobacco products sFr. 0.10 per gramme
In addition, value added tax of 8% of the value of the goods is due.

Watches and jewellery
In the case of personal importation, watches and jewellery to the value of sFr. 300 are exempt from duty if no other goods are being carried.
Caution: If you are carrying counterfeit goods, e.g. designer brand articles or jewellery with counterfeit precious metal stamps, Swiss customs are obliged to confiscate the counterfeit goods. Therefore, only buy valuables abroad from recognised specialist shops!

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