Customs information within the EU

As a general rule, all travel goods acquired in the Member State of purchase are exempt from customs duty. The following indicative quantities shall apply to private movements of goods:

Perfumes: no restrictions if intended for personal consumption.
Medicines: for personal consumption only.
Coffee: 10 kg

Alcoholic beverages: 10 kg.
10 l Spirits
10 l Sweet drinks containing alcohol (alcopops)
20 l liqueur wine, vermouth wine
90 l wine (of which a maximum of 60 l sparkling wine)
110 l of beer

On entry into Germany
Tobacco products
800 cigarettes or
400 cigarillos or 200 cigars or
1 kg of smoking tobacco

On entry into Austria:
Tobacco products that have been purchased abroad and do not have warning labels in the German language, as required by the Tobacco Act, may only be imported into Austria on a limited basis.

Here the following guideline quantities must be observed:
200 cigarettes or
100 cigarettes
50 cigars or
250 g smoking tobacco

In general (for Germany and Austria) the following applies:
Persons aged 17 and over (coffee from 15 years) are entitled to export/import. Goods purchased in duty-free shops are duty-free within the above quantities.

Subject to change without notice. Information without guarantee.